Our Story

     Handmade leather products coming to you from a small town in Northern Idaho.  This family-owned business puts quality and customer service above all else.  For true, long lasting, authentic leather products and custom gifts for all occasions visit us.

     We were both born and raised in Orofino, Idaho and departed in the early 90's to seek travel and adventure.  Our first adventure was with Columbia Helicopters, traveling the west logging and fighting fires.  After our first child was born, we felt that this nomadic lifestyle wasn't conducive to raising children on the road.  We joined the United States Army to provide a more stable environment for the family and the benefits associated with the military, while still having adventures.  Traveling throughout the country and the world we were fortunate to experience diverse cultures and sights while growing our family and finding treasures along the way.  We finally landed in Gouverneur, New York where I was exposed to leather working through the Warrior Transition Unit for wounded, ill, and injured soldiers.  After retirement, we pursued a myriad of jobs throughout the country before returning to Orofino and our extended families in 2017.  

     While rediscovering our passion for outdoor adventures that Idaho provides, we also began perusing in earnest our passions for crafting and leather working.  Feeling that the "normal" jobs in Orofino weren't suited to our unique personal interests and motivations, we founded a brick and mortar business in the heart of downtown Orofino specializing in custom gifts.  These gifts include personalized apparel and hats, custom leather work, jewelry, and homemade novelties.  

     Along with our adult kids and their spouses, we create unique items for a broad range of individual tastes.  Utilizing laser engraving, sublimation, screen printing, vinyl cutting, glass etching, hand painting, and hand drawn leather patterns we produce one-of-a-kind products for individuals and businesses locally and abroad.  We also feature custom jewelry from local/regional artisans.  

     We thank you for following us throughout this creative journey and look forward to the personal interactions this voyage may bring.

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